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5G Realised

This event is part of our innovative series of high-level events designed to bring together industry leaders to explore real applications for 5G and how to realise them.

5G Realised Summit will look at use cases for 5G across different industry vertical segments.

The 5G Realised Summit will be built around utilizing live streaming to allow the largest interested audience possible to access the content. The ‘on stage’ experience will be in line with expectations for the UK’s leading 5G use-case based event, with the exception of more speakers coming in via the interactive virtual event platform. For the exclusive small group onsite, we will be taking into account social distancing and scheduling in small groups without the need for queues and any other form of involuntary close contact. This will include pre-booked, staged access to the demo and exhibition areas.


“This event is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate some of this leading work to the world and bring Government and industry together with the aim of unlocking the revolutionary benefits of 5G across the economy and wider society.” – Minister for Digital, UK

“You could hear a pin drop during that session” Brendan Logan, Group VP, Oracle

“That 5G ecosystem that we talk about is actually in action here!” Amol Phadke, MD, Accenture

“It’s given a lot of people a much better view of some of the possibilities of 5G”, Ros Singleton, MD, UK Broadband

“The 5G Realised event is an absolutely critical kind of event for the industry”, Tim Watkins, VP Western Europe, Huawei

“One of the best events I have been to in years” Keith Miller, Pendragon Management

About the Event

Attendance is free for operator CSPs and vertical sector application representatives.

The Summit will build upon the 5G infrastructure core, to focus on real applications and use cases from the respective verticals and will then feature workshops and discussion sessions led by industry experts.

5G Realised will be focused on the demand pull that these sectors are and will increasingly be creating for 5G. Operators and vendors will come together to listen and learn about what is already happening and where. There are technology trials taking place around the world but also of great interest are the real application trials, whilst many of these are currently taking place in 4G infrastructure they are also very informative to show the gaps that 5G needs to fill.

The Summit will be looking for demand requirements, putting infrastructure into places that can deliver a return like airports, industrial sites, ports and many more. 5G can offer massive productivity gains, new business generation and innovation.



5G is not just another mobile generation, it is the global platform for the automation and digitisation of almost everything we can think of. It is a group of technologies and concepts, particularly fibre, very high speed, MIMO based new radio, ultra-low latency, reliability, edge computing, network slicing, virtualisation and much more.

5G is a whole new approach aimed at putting telcos back in the market for services and network applications. 5G will eventually enable telcos to sell assured business services which can be tailored to suit different ‘vertical’ industry segments.

Topic areas include:

– Real applications for 5G
– 5G use cases
– New business models created by 5G services
– Enabling new insights with 5G
– 5G driving innovation
– 5G user experience
– Unlocking 5G revenue potential
– 5G enabling business success
– How to achieve digital transformation in the 5G era
– What approaches are being taken in different regions?
– Deployment models across vertical markets
– Point solutions
– Software architecture required to deploy 5G
– The role of small cells


Move the industry forward

The idea behind Juliet Leadership Summits is to be a neutral forum to enable dialogue with peers and move the industry forward.

This two-day invitation only summit will be highly interactive, featuring presentations, table discussions, case studies and panel discussions. Attendance is free for operator CSPs and vertical sector application representatives.

The audience profile for this summit is business leaders from industry use case companies, CSPs and Technology solution providers. ​

The event will be streamed live to a global audience and all presentations and sessions will be available on demand after the event to members of our 5G Realised network.


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